Monday, June 28, 2010

My Summer Picks

This is my top ten Summer Picks from Etsy! :)

I love essentials lists.. I always find something I didn't think of, or wouldn't have thought of. hehe So here we go!

1. Body Splash - Perfect in soaring temperatures, a body splash is might lighter on the skin than heavy perfume, and not sticking like moisturizing body sprays. Kept in the fridge it will really help cool you down on a sizzling hot day.

2. Foot Scrub - Most certainly a summer essential! When you're wearing flip flops and sandals every day, your poor feet can take a beating. Take extra good care of em this summer!

3. Since your feet are buffed and lookin good, show them off in some hip leather sandals. Totally handmade, and lots of styles, but sure to check out this awesome shop!

4. Shaving Soap - Summer time means baring more skin. Make sure you keep it smooth and moisturized! Using something like my fluffy whipped soap to shave will do the job! It's enriched with sweet almond oil, so it softens your skin as you cleanse (or shave). It rinses clean, so you won't feel oily after your shower or bath either.

5. I don't know about you, but in the summer I tend to wear less makeup, and a lot of the time, none at all. For one, a lot of makeup will just melt in the heat and when I get sweaty. Plus it just feels heavy. So a lot of the time I wear just mascara and lip balm. So #4 on the list is, a good lip balm! My lip balms are formulated to be stable in the heat and cold, and include lip softening extracts.

6. Summer is a time for fun accessories! Keep your long hair off your face and neck with a fun barrette! This gal has lots of cute, summery designs!

7. Going to a summer wedding? Having a summer wedding?! This calls for soft and feminine details, like this flower hair comb. You'll look fresh and pretty in the summer heat!

8. Stylin sunglasses are my fav summer essential! I like vintage frames myself. Etsy is a great place to browse vintage! Check em out for lots and lots of sweet frames.

9. Tote Bags are essential for hauling your stuff to the beach or lake. Cute prints and natural fabrics are a must!

10. If you have pets, treat them this summer too! A stylish new collar or leash is just the thing!

I hope you enjoyed my Summer Essentials list! What are your summer essentials? Share your tips and favs with me in the comments! :)

Happy Summer everyone!


  1. Great picks you have here=) thank you for including my sunglasses=)

  2. Great fun! Thank you for the mention of my floral hair combs:)