Monday, June 28, 2010

My Summer Picks

This is my top ten Summer Picks from Etsy! :)

I love essentials lists.. I always find something I didn't think of, or wouldn't have thought of. hehe So here we go!

1. Body Splash - Perfect in soaring temperatures, a body splash is might lighter on the skin than heavy perfume, and not sticking like moisturizing body sprays. Kept in the fridge it will really help cool you down on a sizzling hot day.

2. Foot Scrub - Most certainly a summer essential! When you're wearing flip flops and sandals every day, your poor feet can take a beating. Take extra good care of em this summer!

3. Since your feet are buffed and lookin good, show them off in some hip leather sandals. Totally handmade, and lots of styles, but sure to check out this awesome shop!

4. Shaving Soap - Summer time means baring more skin. Make sure you keep it smooth and moisturized! Using something like my fluffy whipped soap to shave will do the job! It's enriched with sweet almond oil, so it softens your skin as you cleanse (or shave). It rinses clean, so you won't feel oily after your shower or bath either.

5. I don't know about you, but in the summer I tend to wear less makeup, and a lot of the time, none at all. For one, a lot of makeup will just melt in the heat and when I get sweaty. Plus it just feels heavy. So a lot of the time I wear just mascara and lip balm. So #4 on the list is, a good lip balm! My lip balms are formulated to be stable in the heat and cold, and include lip softening extracts.

6. Summer is a time for fun accessories! Keep your long hair off your face and neck with a fun barrette! This gal has lots of cute, summery designs!

7. Going to a summer wedding? Having a summer wedding?! This calls for soft and feminine details, like this flower hair comb. You'll look fresh and pretty in the summer heat!

8. Stylin sunglasses are my fav summer essential! I like vintage frames myself. Etsy is a great place to browse vintage! Check em out for lots and lots of sweet frames.

9. Tote Bags are essential for hauling your stuff to the beach or lake. Cute prints and natural fabrics are a must!

10. If you have pets, treat them this summer too! A stylish new collar or leash is just the thing!

I hope you enjoyed my Summer Essentials list! What are your summer essentials? Share your tips and favs with me in the comments! :)

Happy Summer everyone!

Sunday, June 27, 2010


Been having a great weekend here! Hope everyone else is too! :)

I'm working out the details for a contest... coming soon!!

Any ideas about what would make a good prize?? Would you prefer a gift certificate? A few products you can choose your own scent for? Let me know what you think! :)

Friday, June 25, 2010

Etsy Shop Specials

Sales and Clearance items in Etsy shops!

This cute blog has a special page devoted to sales and specials on Etsy! She's kindly included my shop, as I'm having a sale on Sugar Scrub Cubes. :)

Check it out, lots of good deals there!

Yuzu Sugar Scrub Cubes

Sugar Scrub Cubes on Sale!!

I have 1 jar left of Lick Me All Over, and 2 jars of Yuzu!

These are solid sugar scrub cubes, that moisturize and rinse clean off your skin. Perfect for summer exfoliation!

Come on over and check it out!

Lots of other fun summertime beauty goodies too!

Wednesday, June 23, 2010


I've been researching how to make shampoos and conditioners. Once I started researching body wash, and bubble bath, it kinda took off from there. lol

I'm trying my first tonight, a formula I designed for my oldest daughter. She's got thick, curly, dandruff prone hair so I picked a few special ingredients that will hopefully help with that.

I need a few special ingredients before I can try shampoo tho. That'll be next!

If it works out well, I might start testing a few formulas and make them to sell. Prob. a reg. hair type, and dry.. or maybe a clarifying shampoo, and a daily.. a daily condit. and a deeper, weekly.. we shall see!

What types of Shampoos and Conditioners do you like to use?

Monday, June 21, 2010

Treasury fun!

Bella Bath & Body is featured in this fun, summertime treasury!

Colourful Fun!

Check it out! :)

Liquid Bubble Bath!

It's almost here! :)

I've got the final two formulas in testing... ie: Myself, sister and kids will be taking lots of baths this week. LOL

I think the kids are the best testers for this kinda thing. They loooove the bubble bars, and helped me come up with the best formula. hehe

Fingers crossed this goes well, and it'll be in the shop next week! Yay!!

I also need to photograph my shower gel bottles, and such and those will be debuting soon too!

Exciting times! :) I think when both new products start, they will be on an introductory special for a limited time. Sound good? :)

Hope everyone has a good week!

The Shop

Saturday, June 19, 2010

Brand Spanking New!

Lots of new stuff in the shop today! :)

I got all the new soapies listed.

Yuzu - bright and fresh with just a hint of sweetness. Perfect for summer!

Sassy Strawberry - this is a grownup strawberry with a touch of musk. Very sexy!

French Lilacs - Feminine and springy, I love this scent!

Almond Macaroon - That pretty much says it all. Almond and coconutty goodness. Yum!

I also listed the last 2 jars of Sugar Scrub Cubes in Lick Me All Over on clearance sale. Grab em while you can!! I do have a jar of Frosted Lime Cupcake, and Yuzu, but I haven't photographed them yet. :) Shhh!

I also listed my brand new products.. Flower Pedicure Scrubs. They're mini, solid scrubs in the shape of flowers! They're packed with cocoa and shea butters, and sea salt and pumice for a good scrub. I've been using them all week and my feet have never looked before. Seriously... I love these babies!!

The Etsy Shop

Next up, my charcoal face soap, and perhaps a facial moisturizer or two. :)

Hope all the Dad's out there have a great Father's Day tomorrow! We're all taking my Dad out to Red Robin, yummy!

Nighty night!

Thursday, June 17, 2010

My first treasury

I just created my first treasury on Etsy! I've always wanted to, but with the old way of only having so many up at a time, I never got the chance!! Now here it is!!

Fairytale Dreams

It's my first, but I really like it! Come see and tell me what you think!


Free 1oz Body Butter w/Purchase!

Remember, only for a limited time!


Grab limited edition scents like ... Lime Sugar! Beach Babe! Mint Lemonade!

Wednesday, June 16, 2010


I love browsing jewelry on Etsy. Even when I don't have the money to spend... lol

This is sooo pretty!

Bit o Berry Necklace

This designer has lots of eco friendly jewelry. So pretty! I like that she uses environmentally friendly materials too!

Baby Products & Dog Stuff

Since my success with making the Summer Body Splashs, and I made a Bug Spray for my sister, I've been thinking of branching out even more.

I've been thinking of creating a baby line for a while. Probably just Baby Wash and Lotion in a few different, baby skin safe, scents. Lavender/Vanilla, Lavender/Honey and probably unscented.

Then I thought, what about pet sprays/washes? Something for everyone in the family, ya know? hehe

I could have Pet Wash, and Coat Freshener. I'm thinking for the pet line, I'd use natural essential oils, I can create a blend that would help keep bugs off, tho I can't claim it would work like Frontline or anything. lol Plus I could make a couple that are just for fun, like... Birthday Cake or something. hehe

Stay tuned as I get workin on these new projects!

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

New stuff!

Lots of new products in the shop! I'm going to try to keep one listing as a "pick your own scent" of each product. I have so many scents at hand, I get a bit overwhelmed by them all sometimes and forget to list some! lol

New Products!

Summer Body Splash
Spray on this light and refreshing body splash anytime of day! Great for warm summer days, when heavy perfume and moisturizing body sprays are just too much!

Witch hazel is lightly astringent, while the aloe vera and glycerin give just a hint of moisture so your skin is left smooth and soft. Can be used on your hair and body! 4oz. spray bottle is the perfect size to toss in your gym bag, or purse as well.

I am listing this Body Splash in mostly summer type scents... Sassy Strawberry, Beach Babe, Lime Sugar.. Just comment here,or convo me at the shop on Etsy if you have a special scent request!

Foaming Sugar Scrubs!
Enriched with sweet almond oil for extra decadent, skin softening moisture. This bubbly, foaming scrub gently cleanses your skin will polishing, leaving your skin smooth and soft with no greasy after feel. This creamy scrub is perfect for summer time, and won't melt down in transit either!

Formulated with extracts of Calendula, Sunflower, Aloe, Irish Moss & Marshmallow! Calendula, Sunflower and Marshmallow are all thought to be soothing to the skin. Aloe and Irish Moss are moisturizing.

This I'm also mostly making in Summertime scents. Again you can contact me with any special scent requests! I have have a listing of this product in a "Pick your own scent". Can also be made unscented!

New lip balm flavors too! Rose Passionfruit, Bubblegum Bliss & Vanilla Smoothie. Yummy!

Come check it out! I love comments and convos!

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Free 1oz Body Butter w/Purchase!

Remember, only for a limited time!


I'll be adding some new scents to the Etsy shop in the delightful Fluffy Whipped Soap over the next couple days. Yay!

Lots of fun, fruity summer scents up my sleeve!

Saturday, June 12, 2010

Yummy Coffee

Tonight I made soap with fresh organic, fair trade coffee grounds, and the most delicious Turkish Mocha fragrance oil.

Mmmm, I can't wait to un-mold this in the morning!!

This is perfect Kitchen Soap, tho I think I might end up taking it to the shower too! I love anything coffee scented! :)

Who doesn't love coupons?!

Coupon Offer!

With the purchase of any 4oz. Fluffy Whipped Soap, you will receive a 1oz. body butter in the matching scent! Just use this coupon when you purchase!


Easy peasy!

Thursday, June 10, 2010


Love this cute little pouch! :)

Elephant Pouch

I love anything with elephants.. I must not shop... ahhhh, so tempting! LOL

Hot off the presses!

Just listed!

Grapefruit & Gardenia soap, yum yum! It's my first HP for sale, I'm rather pleased with this process. I think I'll continue to soap both ways, CP and HP. :)


I love this scent in lotions too. Soo light and yummy! Back to Etsy for a bit!

Great Vintage Shop

What a fun vintage shop I just found!


I like her light and airy pictures, just beautiful! :)

My favorite is this vintage typewriter.. my Mom used to have one JUST like it! Same pretty color and everything!


I think my Mom had one of these too.. hehe

Train Case

I love browsing vintage shops on Etsy it's so much fun! :)

Wednesday, June 9, 2010


My shop is in this great treasury!

A Little Help from my Friends

Cute name too! hehe <3 the Beatles!

Pretty Earring Set

Just found these pretty earrings on Etsy!

Blues and gold.. a set of three! Sometimes I miss being able to wear regular earrings, these are just my style.

Monday, June 7, 2010

Link Love!

Come post your links on my FB page!

Link Love!

Father's Day!

Dad's day is coming up soon! June 20th!!

Give your Dad an awesome Vegan, Handcrafted Soap with a cool, masculine scent!

Men's Soap

New Face Soap

I made a charcoal face soap last night! I'm really excited for this one! Charcoal is supposed to be good for drawing out impurities in the skin, and soothing inflammation. I also blended up some essential oils that will compliment those qualities. Smells delish!

I think my final blend consisted of, lavender, lemon, rose absolute, cedarwood and patchouli.

I added the charcoal and a bit of silk to my regular face soap recipe. Yummy! I might just have to try a bit tonight... lol

Saturday, June 5, 2010

50 sales!

Wooo hooo! It might seem piddly to some, but wow.. 50 sales! I'm so happy and proud right now! :)

I'm planning on a giveaway for my 100th sale. The 100th customer/sale will get an awesome free gift with their purchase! Now.. shall I keep it a surprise? Or make an announcement.. hmmm..

Ahhh, a nice weekend!

The sun is out! It really is!!!

I wasn't sure if I could believe it, so this morning I've spent making a batch of HP soap. Yuzu, colored with orange mica, it looks so pretty!!

Made a new face lotion to try out, just for myself.. I might give some to my Mom to try, tho skin care is so much more scientific, that I'm not sure I want to get into selling it, more than face soap anyways.

Now I think it's time to get cleaned up, then take the girls to the park for a while. I'll take a book and my camera (if I remember).

Then tonight my sister and I are going to see... ECLIPSE! SO excited!! Wooooo!!!

It's gonna be a good Saturday!

Friday, June 4, 2010


Oh man am I ready for the weekend! I really want to relax, but I think I will try to devote time to working on the shop. I want to make another couple batches of soap, and bubble bars. I need to work on labels too... so much to do!