Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Baby Products & Dog Stuff

Since my success with making the Summer Body Splashs, and I made a Bug Spray for my sister, I've been thinking of branching out even more.

I've been thinking of creating a baby line for a while. Probably just Baby Wash and Lotion in a few different, baby skin safe, scents. Lavender/Vanilla, Lavender/Honey and probably unscented.

Then I thought, what about pet sprays/washes? Something for everyone in the family, ya know? hehe

I could have Pet Wash, and Coat Freshener. I'm thinking for the pet line, I'd use natural essential oils, I can create a blend that would help keep bugs off, tho I can't claim it would work like Frontline or anything. lol Plus I could make a couple that are just for fun, like... Birthday Cake or something. hehe

Stay tuned as I get workin on these new projects!

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