Thursday, December 17, 2009

New Soap

So I decided to make a new soap last night. A manly scent this time! lol I got the scent Werewolf, from Nature's Garden. I'm not sure what to re-name it yet tho..
The best I could come up with was, Wolf Pack.. even then, I'm not crazy about it. lol

I checked on it this morning, and it looks fine, but the scent is hardly there. So hopefully the scent will come through once it's cured. Fingers crossed!!

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Facial Soap

So I've been wanting to make a facial soap for a while. I tried a while back making one with added calamine, and calendula petals. I need to try it again, now that it's cured well, but it didn't turn out how I wanted.

So I did some more research on essential oils, and different clays, and so on. I made a new facial soap last night with added, French Green Clay, and essential oils of lavender, tea tree, and camomile. It's only 1 day old, but I tested a teeny piece and it lathers nicely, and doesn't feel too drying either.

I'm going to try one with charcoal, and another calamine too.

I love the mini 1 pound soap mold I got! It's perfect for making small batches, which is what I always do, but perfect for testing too! I don't feel like I really wasted too much if things don't go as planned! lol

Pics later! :)

Sunday, December 13, 2009

New Stuff!

I took lots of pics this morning, and listed new stuff! I think it looks pretty good actually. lol Taking pictures is so hard for me :(

Short and sweet, Mom and I are taking the girls to get Christmas pics today! Then hopefully making Christmas Cookies! Yum!!

Saturday, December 12, 2009

Bath Bombs

I've been working on Bath Bombs for a while now, and I think I've finally found the perfect recipe/technique! So far I've made 3 or maybe 4 batches this way and they've worked beautifully! Only a few got cracks.. lol

I blended this best scent ever today! It's inspired by Lush's bodywash, Sonic Death Monkey. LOL It's chocolaty, coffee, vanilla, and citrus. So yum!! I colored them lavender. Mmmm... I think I'm going to make bubble bars with the same scent. And maybe soap too. lol

I need a name for this awesome blend tho. I have such a hard time coming up with names sometimes! lol I've come up with the following:

Coffee Lucisous
Cocoa Blast
Sinfull Delight


Will be adding them to the Etsy shop soon, fingers crossed. I need to take pics, but I have such a hard time with that I put it off as much as possible. LOL


First post! :)

So I thought it might be easier to create a blog, instead of the facebook fan page. Mostly cause, I really don't know how the fan page really works. LOL Plus here I can post recipe findings, tutorials and so on, and I think it will work a bit easier. :)

More to come!! :)