Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Giveaway over at Little Chief Honeybee!

So first off, this is probably the cutest blog, made by the cutest girl on the internet. :D Now that that's out of the way.... go check it out! She's having a giveaway this month, and the prize is sweeeeeeeeet! A flip cam! It's super cute, and looks like tons of fun! Go follow her blog and comment to enter!

Little Chief Honeybee

Ok, back to your regularly scheduled programming. *grin*

Friday, March 11, 2011

So busy!

I haven't been meaning to ignore my poor blog! *sad face*

School and life have been keeping me busy! If you've been checking out my shop, I have added a few new products lately! *smile* Face care is in the shop, as well as the first round of hair care offerings! My plan this weekend is to work on more hair care products, and face mask options (course my plans, and reality don't always mesh lol) I've added some new perfumes, and lip balms as well!

Spring is on the way in the PNW and that sure makes me happy! The sun was very welcome today, even if it didn't exactly WARM much. hehe