Monday, September 6, 2010

Fall and Winter products

So I've been working on lots of new products when I DO have the time to experiment. hehe

Later this fall I'm bringing back Sugar Creme Scrubs, with a new and improved formula that is so heavenly, so silkening... I'm in love! I'll be making this available in a variety of scents, choose your own, as well as a slightly different formula for a pedi scrub. Yay!

I also hope to get Shower Gels rolling soon as well as Shampoo and Conditioners.

I've got some new lip balm flavors coming my way, so be on the lookout for Limited Edition Holiday lip balms (Candy Corn & Snickerdoodle to name two!) as well as Cake Batter, and PB & J lip balms!

I'm also going to be retiring some products. Bubble Bars, Lotion Bars and Bathing Salts. Sadly they just don't sell, even tho I love them all and I hate to not have them available anymore.

I've also got some exciting new holiday scents coming up in late October! Hansel & Gretel, Reindeer Poo, Wintery Apples, Candy Cane Kiss, Elf Sweat & Sugar Cookie, as well as some special Twilight Saga inspired scents, limited edition, just for the Holidays! Yay! I'm so excited about these, I'm doing a silly fan girl squeal right now! ;)

So keep on the lookout for changes, and new goodies in the shop, coming soon!

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