Monday, April 19, 2010

Feeling icky

So the girls and I have been sick for .... well... weeks now. It pretty much sucks.

I got a head cold, that after a week went down into my chest, and I coughed for two weeks. Then my littlest one got a stomach flu. 24 hrs. Then I got it, and my oldest got it. Now I have another cold, sore throat and cough.

GAH! I've been eating oranges, eating healthily in general.. tryyyyying to get rest, yeah right..

Hopefully this cold will go away soon, and then we can all stay healthy for a while. It just makes work so miserable and it sucks there already, I can't really call in, even if I need to.. plus it zaps my creativity completely, so I haven't been creating much of anything or working on the stores or anything. Other than work on a few orders that came in. Ugh.

Wow this is a super whiny post, sorry about that! lol

Tomorrow I have off, in which I had planned to do a ton of housework that needs doing, grocery shop and errands.. I think I will... grocery shop, do one of the super important errands.. and then nap. I need to get better!!

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