Thursday, March 18, 2010


Soooo... I'm finally getting my twitter more in order. I've pretty much ignored my blog and twitter, and my fan page.. since I made them lol It's still a bit confusing to me, and frankly keeping up with it all is time consuming.

It's too easy to sit down and think, ok, I'll check my regular email, twitter, etsy, craft forums, etc... then before I know it an hour has passed, and I still haven't moved on from etsy! LOL

I've been dreaming up a new Etsy shop. I was starting to feel that I need a better, more cohesive theme for my shop. There is one I'm a fan of that is sooo cute, and kinda fairy tale/gothic/fantasy bath and body stuff. Love! I'd like to do a line like that... maybe more, fairy tale/fantasy than gothic. I'm not very goth. lol

Hopefully I'll be utilizing my blog more to sketch out ideas... :)

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